Solving the media and entertainment industry’s international expansion challenge through first-of-its-kind technology to track, monetize, and culture-fit content across the globe.

Globalization of Content Explodes

The media and entertainment industry needs to adapt to keep up with the globalization of content. Spherex has a solution.

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Source: DigitalTVResearch


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US OTT market forecast to be world’s largest at


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Source: DigitalTVResearch

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Source: Conviva

Spherex currently manages over 20M movies and television series listings in 200+ territories across 50 platforms and in 45 languages.


Moving from localization to the much bigger challenge of culturalization requires a solution that can handle the massive flow of content going global and deeply understanding the cultural, legal and regulatory issues in every territory worldwide. Spherex offers a suite of services that drive revenue, increase audiences and speed up distribution.


 Improve discoverability with quality marketing.


Track and maintain quality control on every title.


Accelerate international expansion and mitigate risk.


Identify and reach target audiences and avoid censorship.


Spherex is a global technology and data company transforming how media and entertainment enterprises create, adapt and deliver film and television to audiences worldwide. Blending cultural insight with artificial intelligence, Spherex enables successful international content expansion around compliance, cultural relevance and audience discovery.

The Spherex team offers a variety of AI and machine learning-driven services with embedded cultural content that streamline the content delivery process around the world, from local age ratings and global metadata to store monitoring and culture-based content recommendations. By adding the new dimension of culture to the DNA of film or episodic content, content creators, studios, distributors and streamers are able to build strong global audiences, drive more video views and generate higher revenue – all while avoiding cultural missteps.

The Spherex Solution

Spherex views your content through a cultural lens and works with you to create and distribute that content worldwide to:

Reach Larger


Drive More

Video Views

Generate More


Avoid Cultural


Trusted Partners in Industry

We work with the leading streamers, studios and networks to culturize their content around the globe.